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Trail Users Favorite Photos of the Falling Waters Trail

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The Falling Water Trail has another feature that is unusual to most railtrails:  Jackson County Parks Officer, Jerry Klima, assigned only to security patrol of the Trail.  This friendly patrolman will be seen cruising the Trail on most days with a watchful eye.  He watches the wildlife along this rural Trail and the users.  Jerry talks to any patron who has a question, a cheerful hello, or even a problem to solve such as a flat tire or other emergencies.

Trail User Comments:

4/3/10 We visited the Falling Water Trail for the first time today.  I am a 10 month breast cancer survivor and am training for the Susan G. Komen 3day walk in Detroit in August.  I'm always looking for a safe and scenic place to train.  I loved the trail.  We had a deer cross right in front of us - the birds were singing - the sun was shining.  We met so many nice people using the trail, walking, biking, roller blading.  The hours just flew.  It didn't even feel like training.  I can't wait to come back for another long training walk.  Thank you. Jacki & Larry H., Eaton Rapids, MI

3/19/10 I have spent a great deal of time on the trail.  I worked for the Jackson County Parks and recreation helping to maintain the accessibility of this wonderful and successful addition to the Jackson community.  I enjoy the freedom of cruising my skateboard while being pulled by my dog, taking pictures of the beauty and wonder beheld in nature, and running and training in my preparation of entry into the United States Air Force.  This trail is a great way to fulfill mans desire to a return of experience of the appreciation of nature in our ever increasing movement toward the separation of.  Eric H, Spring Arbor

I run/walk this trail regularly and it is the most relaxing and peaceful place! The people you pass are always friendly and I have never been on the trail without seeing at least one deer crossing my path. This morning, during my 6 mile run down the trail, I counted 16 wild turkeys crossing in front of me! Thank you for making this trail and giving Jackson such a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors! Laurie G., Jackson

July5, 2009: Great trail! The Jackson area community should be proud for having such a great resource close by.  Mike K., Fort Wayne IN

May 8,2009 at Mile Marker 6.5 between Reynolds & Moscow Rd.--Spotted a SNIPE (Wilson's--YES, they are real!) walking along the trail.  They have a long, strange looking beak. Peg C., Jackson, MI

April 24, 2009--Just east of Mile Marker 4.5, we saw bluebirds in the nest boxes between the two Lime Lakes.  It appears that they are currently battling it out with the swallows.
Peg C., Jackson, MI

March 18, 2009--Spotted a large mink crossing the Trail near mile marker 7.0.
Peg C., Jackson, MI


Mother Nature is doing a beautiful job of painting along the trail with her autumn colors! H.S., Jackson MI

About 10 miles into my daily bike ride I was nearing the end of the trail as my back tire went flat. Disheartened about not finishing the ride, I began the long hike back to my house a little over ten miles away. The very first person I saw asked if I was ok, and I said sure, just a flat tire. He said alright and continued on his way mentioning that if he had a pump he would certainly help out.

So I continued walking, bike with flat tire by my side as I passed about ten more people. None of them offered a helping hand which is ok, I understand that we are all very busy in our lives and awareness isn't a guiding force within us all. It would have been nice if any of the others stopped to offer help, and I was surprised no one had, but such is life. :)

What happened next is most surprising and thoughtful though. The first man I saw had turned around and was heading the other direction when he noticed I had been walking for some time. He asked this time how far I had to go and I let him know it was another 8 miles or so. In turn he offered assistance and a ride home if I liked and I nearly cried being so happy he had offered. It was a very hot day and I just began wondering what I could do for such a nice person being an unemployed artist.

Then he turned around and headed for his truck, went a short distance and thought twice, turned around once more and rode back to me. He then asked if I wanted any cool water from his cooler! He said he had an unopened bottle and offered it right to me, who he had never met. Then he went and got his truck and gave me a delightful ride home including a  nice discussion, exchange of names while he drove several miles out of his way (yes with gas prices so high!) to drop me off at home.

I hope Chuck's kindness rubs of on those visiting the trail, and hope somehow he reaps reward for it. As a trail user I learned a couple things today; take a bike pump with you, and keep your head up because you never know when you might be the one with the flat tire. ;) Amanda H., Jackson


Mom and I are photography buffs and nature enthusiasts from Jonesville but this was our first visit to the Falling Waters Trail. It was fun! We captured a few good pictures. The only thing that would have made it better would be more shade -- it was a fully sunny afternoon.
Heather R., Jonesville

Thank you to all the people who saw my clip-on sunglasses sitting on a bench off th Weatherwax entranceway to the trail and left them ther for me to find.I rode on the trail Sunday evening, August 24, 2008.  I left my clip-on sunglasses on the bench by accident and realized my loss later that night at home.  I was too tired to go back for them the same night.This morning (August 25,2008) I pedaled back to the bench. I was thrilled to find them atop of the bench's backrest. Thank you to everyone who saw them and trusted the owner would return for them. By the way, to the person who left their empty water bottle under the bench. That is still there too, waiting for you to pick up and dispose of it in the nearest recycling facility. I trust you will be back for your property as well. Greta P., Jackson

We enjoy riding on the path. My wife to be and our 8 week old baby rode 25 miles and enjoyed every second of it! We crossed paths with alot of friendly people. We hope people like it as much as we do. Robert V., Concord

Love it!...Vickie R.,

We just got back.  Absolutely beautiful!  And so well-maintained.  I want to return. ... Pam R., Jackson

I have ridden the trail twice on my horse. I'd like to complement the numerous bikers, hikers, & rollerbladers who were so courteous to the horses. Thank you all for speaking to us when we greeted you. Horses aren't afraid of people so will not spook if you'll just say something, anything. Thanks again for being so courteous. Riding along the side of the trail was surely a pleasure. .Julia V

July 28--Just west of Moscow Road on the north side of the Trail is a very small sunny meadow filled with wildflowers of purples, whites, yellows, orange and blues.

JULY 12 Weekend Wildlife/death Report: Cycling gets us up close and personal with roadkill.  On Reynolds Road within ΒΌ mile of the Trail in the wetland we examined a deceased BEAVER and a MINK.  By the time we rode on to Weatherwax and back again, both had been picked up.  We can't figure out what a very large beaver would be doing trying to cross the road far from moving water and have never seen signs of a dam in the Spring Arbor Lakes or Sandstone Creek. P Clevenger, Jackson


Bridge At Moscow Rd., Going West to Parsons Rd., At Cross Rd. Going East.
I've been taking some pictures of the trail now that the trees are full and thought i would send them in now so others can see what they are missing! H. Skinner, Jackson

I have watched this old railroad grade turn into a wonderful gift to the Jackson County Residents.  I have lived in many parts of Michigan, and around the country, and often wondered why Jackson, MI did not have outdoor recreational activities placed within the county.  Many people will say that they are outdoor enthusiast with their four wheelers/ motorcycles, and snowmobiles.  I recently rode my bike from West Ave. to Concord back to West Ave.  It was great to experience the final outcome! Thanks again for all of the volunteers whom made this trail possible.  I think that the residents need to come up with a plan to keep it clean, and safe! Laura M., Grand Haven MI


The Birds                 The Sky

I love the trail and hope we all take good care of it. Dawn G, Grass Lake, MI

What a beautiful trail!  It was well worth the 2 hour drive I made to get there!  The scenery is gorgeous and the trail surface and signage are superb.  I only regret that it isn't longer...I could have ridden it all day. Laurie G., Rochester Hills, MI

We attended the opening ceremony today for the trail. Then we had a picnic lunch and rollerbladed 7 miles with our toddler daughter in tow. We had a lovely day. Thanks to everyone who was involved with this project.
Dawn P, Jackson

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Mountain Biking on the Trail

Spring is waking up the trail beautifully!

Apple Blossom near Lime Lake, May Apples Flourishing in the woods ,Spring Flowers along the Trail, On the Edge of the Marsh, The wetlands near Concord.  Photos by H. Skinner, Jackson

On the Way to Lime Lake, North Half of Lime Lake, Concord Millpond, Boat Launch at Lime Lake, Swan Near Concord.  Photos by H. Skinner, Jackson



My husband & I live next to the trail and remember when trains used the old track.  For many years it was a "hangout" for dirt bikes and ATV's, creating loud and dusty conditions.  We are so glad that this trail has finally become reality - we love seeing the happy people skate, ride and walk by.  Even more, we now have a safe place to ride our new bicycles!  Thank you so much for a wonderful addition to our community!- Yvonne N, Jackson MI

Photo: My first walk in October, 2007 About the 8.5 mile marker between Weatherwax & Reynolds

Fantastic trail! This is a photo I took last fall. Most of the trees were bare but there was this little stretch where the leaves were still green and hanging on while most had fallen. It was on the Weatherwax to Reynolds Road stretch about a mile from Reynolds Road.  H.S., Jackson MI


Thank You so much Falling Waters Trail members for providing our community with a safe and beautiful place to walk and ride bikes.  This is something that will last for generations.  It is an asset to our area.  S.R.

I want to thank the Friends of the Falling Waters Trail for sticking with it and finally getting Jackson our own rails to trail. Such a beautiful wide trail for all to enjoy the great outdoors! I know its going to be a popular place this spring when it warms up and people get to enjoy it again.

It's a fantastic trail! Many of the other trails are made from old railroad beds going through old abandoned industry sites or through crowded city neighborhoods but not the Falling Water Trail! A beautiful trail through the countryside with the safety of not having to ride where the cars and trucks roar past you.

In the fall, each time that I rode my bike on the trail I would always stop and chat a bit with the Parks Officer that is patrolling the trail. He was telling me about a couple that was on the trail that he stopped to talk to. They told him that they look up trails like this on the web. If they are close enough, they drive to it and enjoy a walk.

They are from Illinois and found the Falling Waters Trail and drove up. They told him of all the Trails they have walked on, the Falling Waters Trail is the best that they have seen yet. Two things made it the best, the trail is nice and wide with plenty of room, and the scenery is the best. A beautiful walk in the country, through the woods, across the lake, along the wetlands to a big old millpond. They said it's the best!

I couldn't agree more, I'll be out there on my bike every chance I get so thank you Friends of the Falling Waters Trail for all you have done to finally get Jackson County a beautiful safe trail for all to enjoy and to promote a healthy community.  H.S., Jackson MI