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If you’re living in a place that’s prone to wildfire, then you must be mindful of some tips on how you can prepare for wildfire. Aside from that, you have to know preventative measures to not escalate the situation.

Tips to Avoid Wildfire

The safest wildfire is the one that never got a chance to start. So to make this happen, see to it that you are aware of the points below in reducing the odds of wildfire from starting.

Campfires and Bonfires

When having bonfires and campfires, be sure to start one in appropriate campfire and clear all vegetation and at the same time, it’s ringed by stone. You should never leave fire unattended like overnight. Also, ensure that the fire is doused completely with water and then, smother it with dirt before you leave. Avoid starting a fire on windy day.


If you’ll be having fireworks, ensure that you always have a bucket of water, fire extinguisher or garden hose ready. Consider wetting the surrounding grass as well as other vegetation before you light one.

Rubbish Burns or Yard Waste

Burn rubbish or yard waste in 50 gallon fire pit or drum and never ever leave a fire unattended. Be sure too that the fire is doused completely or smothered with dirt before you leave. Also, do not burn rubbish or waste unless your municipality allows it.