There are many good reasons why you should start recycling. If you are wondering why you should allot time in doing so, then keep on reading.

Recycling Saves Resources

When recycling, used materials are being converted to new products and reduce the need for consuming our natural resources. If used materials will not be recycled, new products will be manufactured from raw and new materials through forestry and mining. Also, recycling helps in conserving important and limited raw materials while protecting natural habitats.

Save Energy

By using recycled materials in manufacturing, it uses less energy than the required energy for producing fresh products from raw materials – even when you’re comparing all of the costs associated including transportation.

Not only that, there are additional savings because more energy is needed to be extracted, refined, transported and processed raw materials ready for specific industry than providing industry-ready materials.

Protecting the Environment

Recycling helps in reducing the requirement for extraction process, processing and refining raw materials, all of which creates significant water and air pollution. As recycling helps in saving energy, it is reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This helps in tackling climate change. At present, UK is estimated to recycle more than 18 million tons of carbon dioxide per year or an equivalent of taking off 5 million cars from road.