Diving Site

In countries like Turkey, Egypt and Europe, you can practically dive all throughout the year. On the other hand, there are times of the year to which conditions for diving are optimal. Throughout a year, not just the temperature as well as rainy periods changes, but the water’s visibility as well. Therefore, it is vital to check first the weather conditions that would prevail in individual country that you like to go during the period you wish to visit.

Diving Experience Required

When you are choosing a diving spot, you have to remember to pick one with a difficulty that’s lower or equal to your current skill level. Nobody lets a person to dive without prior experience.

Where to dive?

The very first thing that you have to do when you are planning on a trip is identifying your budget. The cost difference in between trips like for instance in Egypt or Greece is huge.

When you are planning a budget, it is important to remember as well about expenses related to travelling and cost of buying essential equipment and insurance.

Just before you leave, better ask yourself what you want to see as you dive. Perhaps you love diving in wrecks, admire the beauty of coral reefs and rare fish species or you want to explore flooded caves.