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Chlorinated plastic releases harmful chemicals in its surrounding soil which could then seep into the surrounding water sources or groundwater and to our ecosystem too. This may cause wide range of possibly harmful impacts on species that are drinking the impacted water.

Unconsciously taking Plastics in Our Body

In general, when the plastic particles are broken down, they are gaining new chemical and physical properties. This increases the risks that they’ll have toxic effect towards organisms.

The bigger the number of the possibly affected ecological functions and species, the higher the possibilities that toxic effects would take place.

Chemical effects are a lot more problematic at their decomposition stage. Additives similar to phthalates as well as Bisphenol or simply known as BPA are leaching out of these plastic particles. These said additives are also known for its hormonal effects and may disrupt hormone system of invertebrates and vertebrates alike.

It is more Terrifying than You thought

Aside from that, nano-sized particles might cause inflammation, traverse cellular barriers and might cross highly selective membranes similar to blood-brain barrier or placenta. Within the cell, it is capable of triggering modifications in gene expression and even biochemical reactions among others.

These are only few of the reasons why experts and scientists are encouraging to dispose plastics properly to lessen these effects.