Marathon 2009

Members of plant kingdom do play tons of critical and at times, shocking roles in life. Probably, you’re already familiar with some of the reasons why plants are important. But the question is, why everyone should have deeper understanding of plant life?

The Many Roles of Plants

Since plants play different roles, let us enumerate some of it, which can surprise you even today:

  • Energy and food supply
  • Maintains the atmosphere
  • Nurturing soils and cycling water
  • Contributes to nitrogen as well as other biogeochemical cycles
  • Interdependence with fungi, animals and among plants
  • Resources, aesthetic and scientific use by of course, humans

Living without Plants?

There are over a hundred thousand natural compounds that are extracted from plants and majority of these are to be discovered.

Obviously, it is impossible to live our life without plants but there are times that they are causing us problems too. Living without plants is just impossible.

In fact, its very presence in our homes are more than enough to make it lighter and liveable. Remember, plants are producing oxygen that we need to breathe.

If you know someone in your household who has respiratory condition, then adding some plants here and there in your home can help in slightly alleviating their condition.