Do you live in Michigan? Know your Lemon Laws

It’s not the way you’d expect an article on the michigan lemon law to start, but we are sorry you need to find details about it. Unless you are just being cautious, you probably think you have got a lemon on your hands. We expect that we are writing here will allow you to get through this difficult, annoying and unpleasant moment.

To start, here are some basic facts about Michigan’s lemon law–

  1. it applies to all fresh and leased cars (that is a recent shift, to our advantage )
  2. an automobile’s”problem” is now characterized by the consumer, rather than the manufacturer (more good news for us)
  3. Michigan cars are covered for 2 years following the first lemon problem surfaces OR once the car’s been in the store for 30 days or more
  4. the first problem must develop over 12 weeks of your buying the Vehicle
  5.  in case your car is a lemon, you are able to get a refund or a replace automobile
  6. you need to give your car’s manufacturer the opportunity to fix the problem (which they will usually do through your Regional dealership)
  7. Document every problem you have with your car and each problem related to it. (The more details that you have, the stronger your case will be.) Your documentation must include all of your service records, the mileage and date of each episode, who you talk to at the dealership, producer, etc., what they and you state, etc.. The more records you have, the better
  8. prior to your car has been fixed for the fourth time, or it’s been out of support for the 30th day, contact the manufacturer and tell them you believe you have got a lemon on your hands.

If you have done all of this but haven’t gotten any satisfaction, you will find a few other legislation that might help. These are federal legislation: the Uniform Commercial Code and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. You’re fast getting to the point where you’re going to need specialist legal help; in case neither of those laws assist, successful lawsuits have been won with breach of contract or unjust advertising and marketing laws.

Our final thing on the Michigan lemon law is to remind you to keep the best records possible, use whatever mediation applications are accessible to you and provide the ideal notice to the ideal people in the most timely way. Fantastic luck.