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Whether you believe it or not, there are over millions of plastics that are swirling around our oceans. And this gained media attention. Plastic pollution on the other hand indeed poses a more serious threat to animals and plants and of course, to humans.

Dangers of Plastic Pollution

As a matter of fact, small volume of the plastic discarded on a day to day basis is being incinerated or discarded in waste-to-energy facilities. Most of it ends up in landfills in which they take over a thousand years to be able to decompose. This leaches toxic substances to water and soil.

Experts in Germany warned that the effect of micro-plastic in soils, freshwater and sediments may carry long-term negative impact on our ecosystem.

They say that terrestrial micro-plastic pollution is a lot higher compared to marine micro-plastic pollution which is estimated 4x to 23x higher, which depends on environment.

Alarming Discovery

Researchers concluded that despite with little data they gathered from research, the results are very alarming; the fragments of plastics are practically present worldwide and it could trigger tons of adverse reactions.

The study estimated that 1/3 of all plastic waste is ending up either in freshwater or soils. Majority of the plastics are disintegrated into particles that are smaller than 5mm which is called as micro-plastic and they break down even further to .1 micrometer in size or considered as nanoparticles already.