Talking About Skincare and Sustainability



Because feeling good should not cost the ground.

Most of us recognize that FOREO’s game-changing attractiveness technology devices help make you looking and feeling your best. But there is yet another very good reason to integrate the Swedish manufacturer’s skin-saving facial cleaner and advanced toothbrushes to your regular: the surroundings. All created from durable ultra-hygienic silicone, not only can they purport conventional choices, but they also help decrease waste.

The Truth Around Toothbrushes

In the united states, over 20,000 tonnes of toothbrushes wind up in post each and every year. It is a shocking number, but not entirely surprising: on typical, we undergo four to four guide polypropylene plastic and nylon brushes yearly. That adds up! And while electrical models are definitely better since you are generally simply replacing the mind rather than the whole apparatus, their production makes them hard to recycle.

FOREO’s ISSA array differs: produced out of durable — and of course ultra-hygienic — plastic, brush heads persist for a whole six months before having to be replaced. Additionally, they use less electricity than traditional models, using one charge viewing the remarkable ISSA 2 via a whopping 365 times of usage. Today that is something to grin!

Brush Your Skincare Routine

Keeping skin healthy and tidy things. However, just the way you clean your face may make a large difference to what in just how much waste we create, to just how much money we use.

Take facial cleaning wipes: although convenient, their disposal isn’t anything if not debatable. Quite simply, nearly all single-use wipes should be flushed down the toilet! Regardless of this, on the banks of the River Thames in London earlier this year, a shocking 5,453 wipes of different forms were retrieved from a place about the size of a tennis court — just because people are still flushing! Chucking them from your garbage is not much better — since most are manufactured from non-biodegradable stuff, they require literally decades to crack down in garbage.


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Compare to this LUNA lineup of decorative cleansers (as also featured at not only do they need absolutely no replacement brush heads — actually — their silicone substance also means they are designed to survive (hello, 10-year excellent warranty!). Even better, they have been demonstrated to improve the skin’s absorption of other skincare products meaning you purchase less, create more waste, and by extension, reduce your ecological footprint. Hoorah!

Strategies for a Cleaner, Greener Shave

If you believe cleaning up the ecological effect of your morning is as straightforward as ditching disposable razors, then you are only partly perfect. It is projected that in the united states alone, approximately two billion disposable razors become thrown off each and every year. Changing to a reusable version is a simple means to lessen this waste. What that does not address, however, is that the tricky matter of not only blades but likewise the cartridges where they are packed.

Introducing LUNA two to MEN: more than only a facial cleaning brush it does a fantastic job of prepping the skin to get a cleaner, closer shave. When used prior to shaving, it has been demonstrated to keep razor blades’ sharpness for around twice as longas This constitutes not just much less waste, but also important savings to you. In different words, win win!

Buy a Greener Glow

Safeguarding our environment starts in the home, and there are loads of measures each one of us may choose to decrease our eco-footprint. As these basic buttons reveal, looking good and feeling fabulous need not cost the earth!