Tips For Eco-Friendly Driving & Towing

Driving in an environmentally responsible manner, maintaining your vehicle properly, choosing quality fuel and driving without unnecessary equipment are just a few tips to reduce your fuel consumption and drive more environmentally friendly.

The advantages of eco-friendly driving and heavy duty towing

Heavy Duty Towing

Changing your driving style and driving gently and calmly will allow you to drive more responsibly. Avoid sharp acceleration and braking and choose a calmer driving style. It is therefore recommended not to drive in the high engine speed range, to shift gears early, but also to react early to traffic slowing down.

Reducing speed by 10 km/h can reduce CO2 emissions by 12.5% ​​over a distance of 500 km. Another simple solution to limit fuel consumption and pollution is to turn off the engine when the vehicle is stationary.

Vehicle maintenance lessens towing and roadside assistance

Well-inflated tires, changed filters, changed oil; a well-maintained vehicle uses less fuel and pollutes less. Regular maintenance can possibly decrease pollutant emissions compared to a vehicle that is poorly maintained. This can reduce the chances of your Heavy Duty Towing and roadside assistance.

Choosing a high-performance fuel for sustainability

A clean engine uses less fuel: A dirty engine can increase fuel consumption, so keeping it clean is essential to maintaining its performance.

A cleaner engine means less pollution: by allowing the engine to run more efficiently, high-performance fuel helps reduce pollutant emissions such as carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons. In addition, the reduction in fuel consumption leads directly to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

A cleaner engine lasts longer: By removing deposits, high-performance fuel helps maintain engine performance and increase engine longevity.

Eco-friendly driving and towing tip: Avoid unnecessary weight for your vehicle

Unsurprisingly, fuel consumption and pollution increase as vehicle loads increase. It is therefore recommended to avoid unnecessary equipment such as roof racks and roof boxes. Although not necessarily very heavy, these elements affect the vehicle’s aerodynamics and result in excessive fuel consumption. When you’re not using them, you can also detach your tow bar to save a few pounds and get rid of unnecessarily bulky items from your trunk.

Eco-friendly driving and towing tip: Avoid superfluous

To minimize the fuel consumption of your vehicle, do not charge your phone, GPS or external battery in the vehicle. The engine generates electricity provided to these devices resulting in increased fuel consumption. The same applies to air conditioning, which increases consumption by 7% and uses gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect.