Environmental Apps and Smart Phones


Get up, have a quick cup of coffee from an aluminum capsule for breakfast, slice a toast with cheese from a plastic package, then get into the car and commute by car. Do you want to start the day in the same way? This can be made a bit more environmentally friendly in a simple way. A selection of different environmental apps shows how much you can do to lead a more conscious and sustainable life with the help of your smartphone.


“Public Transportation Timetable Information”: Quickly find the right connection

Most countries and regions have public transportation networks. The Public Transport Timetable Information app gives you all the information you need to use these modes of transportation on your mobile device.

– Door to Door Connection Request
– Departure time in real-time
– Network Planning (Interactively Available)

Augsburg and Dubai: “Public Transport” supports local public transport not only in Germany but also in many European and non-European countries. This app uses the shipping company’s local office information system and the location information function of your smartphone. In this way, you can show the nearest stop and how to get there. After entering the desired destination, the application will determine the best possible connection from all available means of transportation.

“Public transportation” is available for free on Android.


“BlaBlaCar”: Ecological driving with car-sharing

The “BlaBlacar” connects drivers with empty space with potential passengers. However, this is not about professional commercial driving services. The target groups are:
– 4,444 private drivers who want to reduce travel expenses and accompany them – Passengers looking for cheap vehicles

After logging in, you can use the app. Then enter the origin and destination, and the date. Next, the app will show you if you have the right journey or passengers. In this case, the passenger can book a seat online and receive the driver’s contact option (mobile phone number).

Confidence-building measures include a member rating system and experience level, and price caps protect passengers from unpleasant cost surprises. Admirable: The goal of the BlablaCar organization is a CO2-neutral trip. Partners determine the CO2 emissions caused by travel and compensate for them by funding climate protection projects.


“Such Dich Grün”: Search for nearby organic offers.

“Such Dich Grün” uses smartphone location data to identify organic shops, sustainable businesses, and brands in your area. If necessary, integrated route calculation leads to the desired business. In addition to organic foods and healthy eating tips, for example, sports and wellness offers are also considered. There are also other features:

– Approximately 8,200 organic store inventories
– Rating and comment function
– Environmentally friendly product label dictionary
– Share content on Facebook and Twitter
This app is available for free on Android and iOS.

This app is free on Android and iOS, jailbreaking with Intrix.

Practical helpers for a more environmentally friendly life

Many people want a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life, but they don’t know exactly where to start. The environment app offers a simple and almost free option for this. There are corresponding offers for many profits. For example, if you are interested in environmentally-friendly mobility such as bicycles, public transport, and carpooling, the examples of “public transport”, “call a bike”, and “BlaBlaCar” are useful.