Using Games to Preserve the Environment

There are roughly 2 billion people these days who are actively playing video games on their smartphones, gaming consoles and computers. Some of the most popular genres are racing, FPS, fantasy sports and of course, RPG. In the latter, RAID: Shadow Legends is a mobile RPG available on smartphones and tablets. The RAID codes shared by its developer and constant promotions of several influencers have helped in its success.

Changing the World for the Better

With billions of players all over the world, video games open new doors for creating environmental awareness. This is as per the new report provided by GRID-Arendal and UN Environment.

Nudging Players to Environmental Awareness

Many game developers are capable of incorporating environmental messages into the game. For instance, in Pokémon Go, users can take advantage of the offered in-game rewards if they take part in the Earth Day cleanups.

Another game is RuneScape, which is an MMORPG that is partnered with United for Wildlife and given players in-game pets to those who will be able to answer questions correctly regarding a rhino conservation quiz.

Plan for Impact Campaigns that Focuses on Sustainability

Companies have the power as well in pinpointing several environmental concerns like making donations of their revenue from game sales to some conservation causes or even release adapted versions of the characters and games that are supporting environment awareness.

If big players in the industry would only team up for a concerted and month-long effort to highlight certain environmental-related themes, it will be easier for them to raise awareness towards significant environmental issues. These campaigns would not just bring attention to concerns in the environment but also, it can promote games that took part in the campaign.

Do a Fundraising

Back in 2016 of April for example, Apple has donated money from its sales of apps to WWF or the World Wildlife Fund. The in-app purchases or the free media space may be used in helping to raise money for issues related to the environment.

Embrace Energy Efficiency

Since manufacturing and delivering discs, cartridges, as well as packages, are producing greenhouse gases, the utilization of digital downloads instead of physical and packaged games helps a lot in reducing climate impact.