Lets Connect with Nature: Activities to Conserve the Environment

Not only humans but also many animals and plants inhabit this earth and live in their respective environments. Biodiversity has been established and coexisted by the climate, soil, and the ecosystems that live there.

Due to the expansion of human habitat and production activities, the environment has collapsed, affecting the environment itself and many living things. Since the impact has begun to reach us, there is an active movement to protect the environment.

It is important to deepen understanding in order to carry out environmental conservation activities

There are many environmental conservation activities around us. We also have actions that lead to environmental conservation in our daily lives. In order to tackle them about environmental conservation activities we understand it is important to deepen.

Of course, you can work on it immediately from what you know, but what you think will lead to environmental conservation may actually increase the burden.

What causes the increased burden on the environment?

Currently, the increasing burden on the environment due to global warming and climate change is becoming a problem. These have a great impact on our lives, but the environment and the ecosystems that live there have also suffered a great deal of damage.

Rising temperatures can create an environment in which flora and fauna cannot live, and floods and landslides caused by heavy rains can leave many ecosystems out of their homes.

Changes in the environment and ecosystems also affect our lives.

The environment in which you grow your crops may change, and you may not be able to grow the vegetables and fruits you have grown so far. Or even if it can be produced and harvested, it is predicted that the impact on quality deterioration will be large. Above all, if the burden on the environment increases, global warming and climate change will progress more, and this chain will occur.

If we do not conserve the environment and prevent global warming and climate change, we will have to change not only the ecosystem of animals and plants but also our living environment. The environmental protection such prevention of global warming and the land of the environment , the ecosystem is the efforts to protect.

Greenhouse gas control

We use heating and cooling equipment and electrical appliances in our lives. Air conditioning equipment, especially this, consumes a lot of power depending on the temperature setting.

To consume electricity requires the supply of electricity from a power plant which relies on thermal power generation, fossil fuels are burned, so carbon dioxide is emitted.

Since carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas that causes global warming, it causes global warming.

Therefore, in order to reduce greenhouse gases, it is effective as one of the environmental conservation activities to refrain from using heating and cooling equipment by adjusting the temperature with curtains, Cool Biz and Warm Biz, and to save electricity.

Garbage reduction and sorting

Garbage causes some problems for the environment. Burning garbage produces carbon dioxide and toxic substances such as dioxins , which may promote global warming and put a burden on the environment and ecosystems and if there are mites using pest control service like russet mites helps.

Garbage is also a commodity by nature, so many natural resources are used to produce it. Increased consumption is expected to lead to depletion as more products are manufactured and more natural materials are used. Furthermore, even if the garbage is burned, the incineration ash must be landfilled, so there is a risk of polluting the environment of the landfill site.

Prevention of illegal dumping

In terms of garbage, illegal dumping also puts a heavy burden on the environment. Even if you don’t dump directly, there may be places around you where illegal dumping is taking place. In order to maintain a clean environment, it is important to take preventive measures to prevent illegal dumping.

It is also effective to put up a fence to protect the place where illegal dumping is done, or to put up a sign to prevent illegal dumping. It is a good idea to consult with your local government when making such an installation.