Making A Difference on Social Media | Instagram

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now TikTok are among the social media platforms that has a proven influence on people. Influence on social change is among the top content that allows people to connect regardless of location. It also allows a larger and wider audience reach.

The key to growing your business on Instagram or any other Social Media platform is to engage your business in sustainable causes. With this you don’t have to buy Instagram likes because content about the environment is gaining more attention than you know.

Environmentalists on Instagram

On Instagram, images alone are at 1000 data points. These social images have a compelling impact that inspires other people to take action on important topics such as the environment and climate change.

Social media influencers who take interest on environmental issues show interesting statistics on their posts regarding climate change and other issues that involves the environment.

Based on keywords used on top social media influencers, there are at least four groups of influencers interested on social change. These are influencers interested on weather change, zero waste, life without plastic, and sustainable living.

The most popular among these themes/groups are sustainable living and zero waste. There are more female influencers addressing topics engaged on zero waste, life without plastic, and sustainable living. There are more male influencers on the topic of climate change. The primary target of environmental influencers are women at ages 18 to 34. The largest number of environmental influencers are from the United Kingdom and the United States.

Instagram Influencers on Climate Change

The changing weather patterns that causes a huge impact on food production, the rise of sea levels that can cause disastrous flooding. All these consequences posts danger to humankind. If we don’t act today, these possible effects could wipe out many lives and cause more than just a problem in the future. Resolving the issue in the future can be costly and difficult.

These effects had been researched and backed by scientific evidences. And people are more aware than before that’s why contents about the environment attracts more attention than ever.