Living Things Benefits from Plants

Plants are extremely important to humans and as well with other living matters on earth. Life, as we know it wouldn’t be possible for these plants. So, why exactly plants are vital?

Plants as the Source of Life

Some of you may be wondering the role of plants in our life and how they are beneficial among us. Let us find answer to that question.

Food Source

Plants are supplying food to almost all terrestrial organisms and that includes us, humans. We are eating either plants or organisms that eat it.

A Greener Planet

Plants are responsible for maintaining our atmosphere. They do this by producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. As everyone knows, oxygen is a very important element for the cellular respiration of all aerobic organisms. Aside from that, it is maintaining the ozone layer and protects life forms from earth by warding off UV radiation.

The removal of CO2 from our atmosphere also helps in reducing greenhouse gases as well as global warming.

Turning Matter to Biogeochemical Cycles

Plants are capable of recycling matter into biogeochemical cycles. To give you an example, plants are able to move gigantic amounts of water from soil back to atmosphere through transpiration. Plants similar to peas are hosting bacteria that are fixing nitrogen. This makes nitrogen to become available to all plants that is then passed to consumers.